Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein Calls for Immediate Statewide Ban of Popular Over-the-Counter Performance Enhancing Drug

Jeffrey D. Klein

January 23, 2013

In the wake of Lance Armstrong’s admission of longtime performance enhancing drug (PED) use, New York State Senate Co-Leader Senator Jeff Klein called for the immediate ban of the extraordinarily popular—and dangerous—performance enhancing drug known as DMAA. DMAA is currently the active ingredient in some of the most popular muscle building products sold at all GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores. DMAA, which has been widely banned across the world and by every major sports organization, was recently banned by the Pentagon after the sudden deaths of three marines who had been using the product. At the press conference, Senator Klein will show hidden camera footage shot by his staff illustrating how some retail store employees are unwilling, untrained, or unaware of the risks that DMAA use can pose to teenagers. St. John’s University Strength and Conditioning Coach Pat Dixon spoke about the dangers associated with DMAA and PED use by NCAA athletes. Sports agent Brent Nowicki also attended the press conference to discuss how the inadvertent use of DMAA has damaged his client's careers.