Senator Jeff Klein, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj & Assemblyman Michael Benedetto call on new owner of Throggs Neck building to publicly reveal detailed plans for site

Jeffrey D. Klein

August 03, 2017

Current tenants of 2800 Bruckner Boulevard are being forced out, while future plans for the facility remain murky

Bronx, NY - Senator Jeff Klein stood with Assemblyman Michael Benedetto and Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj to urge the new owner of 2800 Bruckner Boulevard to share the company's future development vision in a public setting where the community can offer input. The elected officials made the call at a rally outside the building on Thursday, less than a week after it became clear the site had changed ownership and the current tenants were being forced out.

Rumors have been swirling as to the fate of the building, and accounts from the owner seem to vary. Initially the president of Steward Redevelopment indicated to the city that the company considered housing veterans at 2800 Bruckner Boulevard. Over the past week he changed his tune, indicating the building could house a wellness center, without providing much detail. The elected officials would like the president of Steward Redevelopment to clear the confusion and lay out a clear plan at a public meeting.

“The use of supportive housing would be inappropriate at this site, and we are letting Steward Development know that the community is united against any project like this,” said Senator Jeff Klein. “We expect that as a new neighbor the new owner will honor the wishes of the community and he will come and present to us a plan for the future of this site.”

“It is important that in times like these that we all stand together to make sure the integrity of our neighbor remains stable,” said Assemblyman Michael Benedetto.

“Responsible development is key to the quality of life in any community. Supportive housing would not be the appropriate solution for 2800 Bruckner Boulevard - a space that can be used to better our borough in numerous ways,” said Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj. “The residents of Throggs Neck deserve to know what the future holds for their neighborhood and that begins with Steward Redevelopment presenting their plan at a public meeting.”

Steward Redevelopment has an extensive history in promoting and establishing supportive housing, which the community and lawmakers made clear is not the right fit for this location.