PHOTO (from left to right): Sister Claudette Jaszczynski, Monsignor Thomas E. Gilleece, Sister Seline Mary Flores, Susan Steinberg, Senator Jeff Klein, Tommy Messina, Joseph Sciame, and Dr. Anne Casey.

BRONX, NY - State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester), together with Sister Seline Mary Flores, chief executive officer of Providence Rest, The Sisters of John the Baptist, seniors of Providence Rest, and Country Club residents, announced more than $300,000 in funding for Providence Rest’s new seawall at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

Senator Jeff Klein said: “Working together to ensure Bronx waterfront communities are better prepared for extreme weather is critically important. In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the seawall at Providence Rest was left severely damaged and in need of major reconstruction work. With the help of more than $300,000 in funding I worked to secure, Providence Rest was able to not just repair, but completely replace their seawall. I’m proud to have collaborated with my colleagues in government and organizations across The Bronx to help rebuild our borough and ensure we are stronger and more resilient for generations to come.”

Susan Steinberg, Providence Rest administrator, said: “Being located on the water has always been a mixed blessing for us. Our  residents enjoy spectacular views and experience the peace and calm that sitting by the water’s edge can bring. But during Hurricane Sandy, the storm surge and high tide took its toll on our 650-foot seawall. When the New York State Legislature approved federal emergency funds allocated for Sandy relief, Senator Klein worked to ensure that Providence Rest received its piece of the pie. While our Seawall has been our great stone storm protector, Senator Klein has been our protector in the Senate, making sure that Providence Rest receives the funding and support we need to continue to care for the frail, compromised, and elderly members of our community.”

In 2013, Senator Klein secured nearly $3 million in FEMA funding for service organizations and cultural institutions in the 34th Senate District. A total of $318,207 was allocated to Providence Rest for the repair and reconstruction of its seawall.

Providence Rest later applied for a federal block grant in the amount of $1.5 million to supplement funding secured by Senator Klein and completely replace their weather-beaten seawall. In February 2015, Providence Rest began construction on the project. Work was completed this month, and today, Providence Rest is home to a sturdy new seawall to protect it from extreme weather and future storms.