Senator Klein celebrates the beginning of the school year at Saint Frances de Chantal School.

BRONX, NYState Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) hosted a series of back to school celebrations and school supply giveaways.   Families gathered to enjoy the festivities and celebrate the start of the academic year.  The events featured face-painting, a bouncy house, arts and crafts, music and food. Local school children received school bags filled with supplies.

“I am thrilled to host these back to school celebrations and provide our future leaders with the tools needed for a successful academic year. I am thankful to the participating parents, community leaders, and faculty who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to our children and contribute to their scholastic success and well-being,” said Senator Klein.

Senator Klein on Sunday hosted a celebration at St. Frances de Chantal School.

“What a wonderful ‘Back to School Event’on Sunday, September 18th. Thank you, Senator Klein, for bringing a great day of fun, food and school supplies for the children of St. Frances de Chantal School,” said Grace Lucie, Principal at Saint Frances de Chantal School.

Last week, Senator Klein also held an event at Clason Point Gardens and Sack Wern Houses.

“First and foremost, I would like to say that it is an honor that Clason Point in his district.  We thank Senator Klein for all of his efforts, and he has proven to us that he is looking to improve our quality of life and our community.  The children were thrilled to receive school supplies and enjoy a day of fun,” said Geraldine Hopper, president of Clason Point Gardens Tenant Association.

“I am glad that we had this event.  The children had a wonderful time and appreciated their backpacks filled with supplies. We enjoyed gathering with the Senator and these supplies are very much needed,” said Loretta Masterson, president of Sack Wern  Houses Residents Association.