Senator Klein Hosts Hearing On Civil Commitment Legislation In Bronxville

Jeffrey D. Klein

July 15, 2005

Citing the urgent need to better protect the public from violent sexual predators, State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Westchester / Bronx) today announced that he is convening a public hearing to examine steps New York State might take to enact a civil commitment law aimed at keeping highly dangerous repeat offenders off the streets.

“The recent brutal murder of Concetta Russo Carriero by Philip Grant, a high-level repeat sex offender, is a tragic call to arms and one that we must answer with all possible speed,” said Senator Klein, a member of the Senate Codes and Judiciary Committees. “We need to provide our courts and criminal justice system with valuable new tools that will keep sexual predators like Grant away from our children and families while providing dangerous repeat offenders with appropriate treatment, care and control in secure settings.”

The public hearing will be held on:

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