Senator Klein Launches Anti-graffiti Campaign In Westchester County

Jeffrey D. Klein

March 05, 2006

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – To help crack down on graffiti vandalism in Westchester County, State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Westchester/Bronx) announced the expansion of a state funded, free graffiti removal program into Westchester County along with a package of legislation designed to reduce graffiti incidents statewide.

Westchester since his ascension to the State Senate last year.

Westchester, Klein was joined by NR City Councilman Michael Boyle and officials from the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce to mark the completion of the program’s first rehabilitation project—a long-dilapidated area surrounding two AMTRAK bridges that were recently cleaned and repainted by Senator Klein’s expanded Graffiti Removal Program.

West Main Street corridor.

Westchester and I am hopeful that this program—along with my anti-graffiti legislation—will finally deliver the knock-out punch to graffiti vandalism in our area,” Klein commented. “This improvement and future work will help this neighborhood serve as an impressive gateway to this great city.”.

In addition to the expanded Graffiti Removal Program, Senator Klein has introduced a package of anti-graffiti legislation that includes a proposal ban sale of spray-paint, extra-wide felt-tipped markers and etching instruments to persons under 18 year old as well as legislation to require that sentences for individuals convicted of graffiti vandalism include mandatory community service removing graffiti in their community.

Westchester residents of the 34th Senate District, which includes parts of Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, Eastchester, Tuckahoe, Bronxville, Pelham, Pelham Manor and New Rochelle, can report graffiti to Senator Klein's Graffiti Hotline at 888-884-1444, being sure to leave their name and contact information, as well as the nature andspecific location of the graffiti to be removed. Removals are completed within two weeks--many sooner than that--weather permitting.