Senator Klein: New York Sees Massive Influx Of Violent Sexual Predators

Jeffrey D. Klein

December 01, 2005

With recent state data revealing that more than 100 sexual predators have recently taken residence in the New York City metro area, State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) joined with civic leaders to renew his call for a strong civil commitment law to keep violent sexual predators off our streets and improved notification procedures that will allow families to be immediately alerted by email when a violent sexual predator moves into their neighborhood.

Bronx where a violent convicted rapist moved just blocks from P.S./I.S. 194. That zip code (10462) saw a 14% increase in the local sex offender population during the past three months. Westchester County saw a 9% increase int he population of Level 3 sex offenders over the last three months, bringing the total from 86 to 94.

New York. We simply can’t allow these violent sexual predators to roam our streets freely. It’s time to get serious about protecting our families and confine these predators to civil mental facilities,” said Klein.

In the interim, however, Klein urged passage of his legislation which would allow New Yorkers to register for email alerts when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood. “At the very least, while the Assembly drags its feet on civil confinement, we have a duty to provide New Yorkers with this very important information on how they can keep their families safe,” Klein commented.

New York.