Senator Klein Visits Students in Project BOOST Program at PS 72

BRONX, NY -  Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) visited with students, parents and teachers at PS 72 this morning to learn about how a grant Senator Klein provided through Project Boost to 12 schools in his district, including PS 72, has been integrated into the curriculum. Senator Klein is planning to visit all 12 participating schools in his district, deeming the program important and valuable.

Senator Klein said: “Hearing what new experiences these students have had as a result of Project BOOST has only reinforced how important programs like BOOST are to enhancing what is being learned in the classroom. Unfortunately, programs like the ones supported by Project BOOST are too often the first to be cut as education budgets shrink, making it that much more important that we support programs that supplement our existing curriculum. I still believe that we have a duty to provide a first rate education to the young people of New York and the resources offered by Project BOOST allows teachers and coordinators help them deliver a well-rounded education to our children. I look forward to hearing what other programs, events and field trips schools in my district have planned in the weeks and months ahead.”

Project BOOST (Building Options and Opportunities for Students) is a program designed for elementary and middle school students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic success and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.