Statement by Senate Co-President Jeff Klein on President Obama's Proposal to Raise the Minimum Wage by an Act of Congress

"I applaud President Obama for calling upon congress last night to immediately pass a minimum wage hike. As many business, labor, and faith leaders agree, our nation's lowest wage workers need a raise. If congress has the courage to raise the federal minimum wage, millions in our country, from workers to business owners, stand to benefit. But if recent history is any guide, we cannot depend on congress to build consensus around important economic decisions. That's why we need to seize the moment here in New York to provide our state's working families with a sensible raise that they so desperately need. And that's why, over the next several weeks, I will continue to make passage of a serious statewide minimum wage increase my top legislative priority. After all, New York's workers--and businesses--cannot afford to wait any longer."