Metzger and Skoufis Applaud $136 Thousand for Clean Vehicle Funding for Ulster

Senator Jen Metzger (SD-42) and James Skoufis (SD-39) applauded the announcement that Ulster County will be receiving $136,000 for the procurement of clean-fuel electric vehicles. This is funded through a state initiative to modernize transportation services.

"Public transportation is a gateway to educational and job opportunities for people who do not drive or own a car, and absolutely key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change," said Senator Metzger, who drives a fully electric Chevy Bolt. “When we passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act this year, we set ambitious but essential targets to address the climate crisis, and I will continue to advance legislation and advocate for funding that will help us meet those goals, including legislation to propel clean transportation forward in New York.” 

Senator James Skoufis said, “Most of Ulster County’s residents commute by car, so it’s imperative that as we move towards a cleaner state, we create access to mass transportation with the financial support that municipalities need. The state’s investment in clean energy and accessible transportation will build upon the nation-leading policy changes we made in the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act last year. I’m proud to represent one of the state’s most beautiful areas and will continue to do my part to ensure that the state invests in the future of the Hudson Valley’s environment."

This funding is part of $14.2 million that has been awarded to 13 counties, cities, and regional authorities state-wide as part of the Health Across All Policies Initiative.