Metzger’s Bill Provides Long-Awaited Relief to Middletown Plumbing Limitations

Middletown, NY...On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo signed into law Senator Jen Metzger’s bill enabling the City to opt out of a 100-year old municipal law making it difficult to fill the position of plumbing inspector. 

Provisions in Article 4 of Middletown General City Law required that the City maintain a board of plumbing examiners to manage the licensing of master plumbers to do authorized business in the city. Middletown, however, has a limited pool of plumbers, making it challenging to fill the mandated position of plumbing inspector. 

“With less than two dozen plumbers in Middletown, there have been significant backlogs in advancing projects that are currently under consideration,” said Senator Metzger. “I am pleased the Governor recognized the need to address the Article 4 hurdles, which will allow Middletown’s skilled engineering officials move forward with addressing city needs and keeping residents safe.”

The legislation to opt out of State Article 4 limitations was requested by Middletown Mayor, Joe DeStefano. The bill's Assembly sponsor is Assembly Member Aileen Gunther.

“I’m grateful to the Senator for following up on this issue, and for helping to steer Middletown in more safe and efficient direction,” said Mayor DeStefano. “Passage of Senator Metzger’s legislation allows us to remove the regulatory burdens and unfunded mandate of hiring a special position at no cost to businesses and residents— it's a win-win."

Article 4 also prohibited hiring plumbers from surrounding areas like Newburgh or Port Jervis, leading to important city projects being delayed. The city can now create its own board and have a more solid grip on testing and reciprocal licensing.

Other cities that have opted out of the State Article 4 limitations include New York City, Binghamton, Schenectady, Elmira, Beacon, Hornell, Olean, Poughkeepsie and Glens Falls.