Senator Jen Metzger Delivers Liberty Medal to Walton Student For Heroic Response in Emergency Situation

(Wednesday, July 10, 2019) Trimbell, Senator Metzger, and Sheriff Craig DuMond at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.
Metzger Awards Rachel Trimbell with State Senate’s Highest Honor at Delaware County Sheriff’s Office

(Delhi, NY) Today, Senator Jen Metzger (SD-42) awarded the New York State Senate Liberty Medal to fourteen-year-old Rachel Trimbell of Walton for her role in rescuing a younger schoolmate who was choking on a piece of candy while riding a Walton Central School bus in March of this year. Trimbell successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver – a life-saving skill that she obtained through her CPR and First Aid certification while in eighth grade.

“Rachel Trimbell’s swift and courageous actions were nothing short of heroic,” Senator Metzger said. “Her willingness to take charge in this frightening emergency situation and make use of her first-aid knowledge is truly worthy of this important recognition."

Senator Metzger presented Trimbell with the Liberty Medal in the presence of the student’s family at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in Delhi, New York, and was also joined by Sheriff Craig DuMond.

The Liberty Medal is the highest civilian honor that a New York resident can receive and is awarded to individuals for exceptional, heroic, or humanitarian acts on behalf of their fellow New Yorkers.

In addition to the prestigious Liberty Medal, Rachel Trimbell is the first-ever recipient of the Super Star Award, which was presented to her on behalf of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in May of this year.