Senator Ramos Statement on the dismissal of Superintendent Composto

Jessica Ramos

May 13, 2022

QUEENS, NY - Following community uproar over the sudden termination of Dr. Phil Composto from his extensive tenure as Superintendent of District 30 in Western Queens, State Senator Jessica Ramos (D, WF - SD13) issued the following statement:

"Like many of my neighbors and fellow District 30 parents, I have deep concerns about the process that resulted in the sudden termination of Superintendent Composto. 

By not allowing Superintendent Composto the opportunity to even reinterview for a position he has held for nearly 40 years, the Mayor undercut the local Community Education Council and robbed them of an opportunity to run an interview and provide feedback or input on the appointment. That process is the only small check that parents and community members have, and it was unilaterally pulled out from underneath them. 

Mayor Adams is set to visit Albany next week to ask my colleagues to legislate a four-year extension of Mayoral Control and give him concentrated power over New York City’s public schools and their management. The timing of this is dismal, and the feedback from my constituents does not incline me to support that request."