Governor Cuomo Signs Bill to End Duplicate Taxation on Vehicles of Returning Military Service Members

John A. DeFrancisco

December 19, 2013

               State Senator John A. DeFrancisco announced today (12/19/13) that Governor Cuomo has signed his bill (S.4170A) into law that will end double sales taxation on vehicles of military members who have returned home to New York State.

Under existing law, New York residents who purchase a vehicle outside of the state are required to pay sales and use tax upon registering their vehicle in New York. The measure was put in place to prevent individuals from purchasing a vehicle out of state in order to avoid paying New York Sales tax. 

Often, military service members maintain residency in their home state as they intend to someday return.  Therefore, they have been faced with the undue financial hardship of paying sales and use taxes twice for their vehicle.  This new law will provide an exemption to military members, so long as the member can provide proof of payment in the purchasing state.

“The men and women who protect our country sacrifice a great deal, and when they return to civilian life they may face many challenges.  We have a responsibility to show them our gratitude by making their homecoming as easy as possible,” said Senator John A. DeFrancisco, a United States Air Force Veteran. “This law will provide them some assistance for their selfless service.” 

The act will take effect immediately.