Honoring Our Veterans, Column by Senator John Defrancisco

John A. DeFrancisco

November 09, 2011

As a state senator and an Air Force veteran, I ask that you pause this Veterans Day to reflect on our nation's past wars and to honor all veterans who have served our country honorably. A veteran knows first hand that the ideals of democracy and freedom are linked to the faithful service of members of our armed forces.

Today, brave men and women are engaged in a war against terrorism, and with our support, they will prevail. Answering the call to serve during this dangerous time is truly inspiring and deserving of our highest respect. These soldiers of today are our veterans of tomorrow, who will join a supportive family of comrades.

Veterans Day, on November 11th, provides Americans with the opportunity to thank and honor United States military veterans who selflessly served during times of war or peace. There are approximately one million veterans living in New York State and about 32,000 veterans living in Onondaga County, all of whom bring honor and prestige to our communities. This Veterans Day, many of those heroes, along with their proud family members and friends, will gather for a patriotic observance ceremony at the Onondaga County War Memorial, which was dedicated 60 years ago.

I wish all of our veterans, and all of you, a safe and peaceful Veterans Day.