New York State Senate Youth Leadership Recognition Awards

Nomination Process Closed

The New York State Senate Youth Leadership Recognition Awards - nomination process has closed. 

Senator DeFrancisco will present the selected students with a New York State Senate Certificate of Recognition in the next coming weeks. Participating schools were invited to nominate a maximum of three junior or senior students for the program. The deadline for online nominations was April 11th, and April 12th, for all other submissions. Thank you for all those schools that participated.  

Spring is the perfect time to highlight the New York State Senate’s Youth Leadership Recognition Awards program. The award recognizes and honors outstanding students who will become our future leaders. 

Nominations come from teachers, administrators, counselors, or other school faculty for well-rounded candidates who excel not only academically, but through leadership in extracurricular and volunteer activities.  There are 4 categories including Academics, Athletics, Arts and Community Service.