Senate Passes Bill to Protect Victims of Violent Crimes

John A. DeFrancisco

May 23, 2014

Senator John A. DeFrancisco (R-I-C, Syracuse) announced that his bill, S340-A, which would restrict perpetrators of violent crimes from accessing the personal records of their victims, passed the New York State Senate.


"We must provide appropriate protections so that violent felons cannot access the personal records of their victims without a legitimate legal purpose,” said Senator DeFrancisco.  “This bill would establish a mandatory order of protection for personal information pertaining to victims of violent crimes.”


Under Bill S340-A, existing law would be amended to only allow violent felons access to the records of their alleged victims, if a court proceeding was pending against him or her.  In addition, a subpoena would only be able to be served in person by an agent on behalf of the alleged felon. 


“This legislation addresses a recent case, in which a convicted Level 2 sex offender entered a Central New York school district with a duly signed subpoena requesting the records of his 13-year-old victim,” said Senator DeFrancisco. “It is dangerous for a violent criminal to have personal access to his or her victim’s records, particularly when the victim is a child.  We need to protect the innocent.” 



            The bill has been sent to the Assembly and awaits action by that legislative body.