Senate Passes Bill Requiring a Permit for Personnel Who Operate Medical Equipment Supporting Heart and Lungs

John A. DeFrancisco

June 19, 2012

State Senator John A. DeFrancisco announced the passage of bill (S4640C) in the Senate June 18, 2012, that would require a New York state permit for medical personnel who operate equipment that supports a patient’s heart and lungs during certain medical procedures.

“Currently, perfusionists, who are the operators of the equipment, are not required to be licensed or certified in New York state. This bill would require that perfusionists obtain a permit and establish that they are regulated by the New York State Board of Regents and Education Department,” said Senator DeFrancisco.

“Twenty-five percent of New York state’s 200 perfusionists do not have appropriate credentials. This bill would help to increase patient safety in our state by giving authority to an agency that can enforce professional standards and accountability,” said Senator DeFrancisco.

If the bill becomes law, there would be a transitional period, so medical facilities would not face a sudden employee shortage.  The bill has been sent to the Assembly and is awaiting approval by that body.