Senate Passes Bill That Would Increase Penalties for Leaving the Scene of a Boating Accident

John A. DeFrancisco

May 23, 2013

The State Senate today passed a bill toughening the penalties for leaving the scene of a boating accident without making a report. The bill (S.339), sponsored by Senator John DeFrancisco is in response to serious boating accidents that have happened in recent years.

“A few years ago, Central New York experienced two boating tragedies, and in both cases, the victims of the accident were left dead or dying,” said Senator DeFrancisco. “There is always a possibility, had the victims been rendered aid, they could have lived. People should be responsible for their actions, and know that if they try to avoid responsibility, there will be real consequences.”

The bill would increase the penalty to an A misdemeanor for a first offense of leaving the scene of a boating accident when a person knows or should know there has been an injury to another person. A second offense within five years of the first offense would be a felony. The bill also would stiffen the penalties for the crime of leaving the scene of a boating accident, that resulted in property damage, without reporting it.

The bill has been sent to the Assembly.