Senator Defrancisco Cosponsors Bill to Promote Local Government Consolidation

John A. DeFrancisco

June 04, 2009

Senator John A. DeFrancisco (R-I-C, Syracuse) today announced that a bill (S5661) he cosponsored, to empower citizens and local officials to significantly reduce the size and cost of local government, has passed the New York State Senate. The legislation was first initiated by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

 “If enacted into law, this legislation will provide New Yorkers with the ability to determine the size, scope and cost of their own government entities,” said Senator DeFrancisco. “This measure allows us to significantly reduce the size and cost of local government, while increasing efficiency and most importantly reducing the property tax burden.”

 The legislation, also known as the “New NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act,” will empower citizens, local officials and local governments to reorganize outdated or less efficient districts by establishing procedures for consolidation.

 “Our community has witnessed the success of the Clay police merger, and there is no reason why we can’t reproduce those results in other areas of local government,” said Senator DeFrancisco. “This measure will encourage our localities to share services and ultimately save tax dollars.”

 New York State currently has more than 10,521 local government entities, which in some cases, provide layers of overlapping structure. This legislation provides for a uniform method for all towns, villages and special districts to reorganize, and it allows citizens and local officials to decide for themselves whether or not they would like to consolidate. 

The bill passed the New York State Assembly earlier this week, and will now be sent to the Governor for his signature.