Senator DeFrancisco Recognizes Heroic Silver Star Medal Recipient, Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Torrisi, With A Legislative Resolution

John A. DeFrancisco

May 03, 2010

Chief Petty Officer Jeremy K. Torrisi Bravely Saved Four Lives in a

           Senator  John A. DeFrancisco (R-I-C, Syracuse) today recognized
Chief  Petty  Officer  Jeremy  K.  Torrisi at the Syracuse City Hall Common
Council  Chambers  with a State of New York Legislative Resolution upon the
occasion  of  receiving  the Silver Star Medal for his heroic actions while
performing military service in Afghanistan.

            “I  am  especially proud to honor Chief Petty Officer Torrisi,
who  grew  up  in  the 50th Senate District, and whose parents still reside
here,”   said   Senator  DeFrancisco.  “He  should  be  commended  for  his
patriotism, dedication and strong commitment to our Nation.”

       Torrisi  received a Silver Star Medal for his actions in a firefight.
He headed toward the firefight to provide support to his team despite being
given  a  do  not  enter order because of the danger.  He jumped out of his
vehicle and ran 50 meters through enemy fire to administer care to soldiers
in the rear vehicle.

       He  then  ran  50  to 75 meters to the forward vehicle team to do the
same.   Torrisi  was unable to administer care due to sniper gunfire, so he
launched  grenade  rounds from an M-203 grenade launcher, and the assailing
gunfire  stopped; this brave soldier was then able to administer aid to the
wounded team members of the forward vehicle.

       He  continued  to administer aid to wounded members even after he had
been  shot in the leg, until all of the other wounded team members had been
assisted,  and  then he aided in the evacuation of the wounded team members
to safer locations.

       Torrisi’s  actions  saved the lives of four people, and for his brave
actions,  he  was  awarded  the  Silver Star Medal, the third highest award
given  for valor in the face of the enemy, on January 21, 2010, at the Camp
Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina.

     “Answering  the  call  to  serve  in  this  dangerous time in such an
incredibly  heroic  way  is truly an inspiration to all of us.  He has made
the  world a safer place, not only for those whose lives he saved, but also
for   each   and  every  freedom-loving  American  citizen,”  said  Senator