Senator John Defrancisco Announced That Governor Cuomo Has Signed Legislation to Expand the Definition of Restitution

John A. DeFrancisco

September 30, 2013

State Senator John A. DeFrancisco announced on September 28, 2013, that his bill (S.337A) to expand the scope of individuals and entities that are considered a “victim,” has been signed into law.

The law will amend existing penal law to include any person, private company, public agency, or department which took action to prevent, mitigate, or remedy damages to persons or property caused by the crime. By enlarging the scope of the term “victim,” sentencing courts will have wider authority to order a convicted defendant to make reparation of actual out-of-pocket losses to an entity that suffers damages resulting from the crime.

“As a result, this law will provide that a fire department can receive restitution for expenses related to a fire set by a convicted arsonist. It is important that we hold convicted criminals accountable for their actions,” said Senator DeFrancisco.