State Senate Passes Bill Providing Long-Serving Reservists WITH Property Tax Breaks

John A. DeFrancisco

June 03, 2013

Senator John A. DeFrancisco announced that his legislation(S553B), which would provide a five percent property tax break to reservists and National Guard members who have 20 years of service, passed the Senate today.

“Reservists and guard members can be called from civilian life to serve at a moments’ notice. These service members should be rewarded for their commitment to serving our country,” said Senator DeFrancisco, an Air Force Veteran.

If enacted, each municipality would have the discretion to offer the five percent tax break to service members if they are not eligible for any other military property tax exemption. Currently, veterans may receive various property tax breaks, but reservists are not eligible for any type of property tax break if they are not a veteran.

“Many reservists and guard members have served our country in this dangerous time in history, and their service is truly an inspiration to all of us,” concluded Senator DeFrancisco.