68% of Long Islanders Agree with Senator Brooks: It’s time to reform school funding in NYS

(Long Island, New York) – A recent Siena poll confirmed what Senator John Brooks (SD-8) knows to be true: more than 68% of Long Islanders believe school funding should not come from local property taxes.

A main platform for his election to the State Senate, Senator Brooks has a comprehensive plan to reform how our schools are funded and will soon be introducing legislation to tackle high property taxes once and for all.

Senator Brooks said, “Taxpayers are overburdened by a property tax system that doesn’t correctly assess and address the needs of all communities.  Instead, what we are dealing with is a situation where some localities receiving stronger funding than others do, and Long Islanders and our economy have suffered because of it.”

Sen. Brooks continued, “My plan divorces school funding from home values, mandates the funding of a standard educational program, and allows the taxpayers to enhance the educational program beyond state requirements.  Taxpayers are demanding reform, and it’s time that we listen and take action.”

To view the results of the Siena poll, visit: https://www.siena.edu/news-events/article/51-33-trump-policies-will-be-good-for-long-island