Senator John Brooks Recognizes International Women’s Day

Stands in solidarity with “A Day Without a Woman”

Long Island, NY- On International Women’s Day, Senator John Brooks (SD-8) stands in solidarity with women participating in “A Day Without a Woman.” The movement, organized as a continuation of the Women’s March on Washington, brings attention to the gender wage gap, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and job insecurities women face.

“Far too many women face discrimination every day. It is critical that we ensure all New Yorkers are protected under the law, and I am devoted to fighting for equality and protecting the rights of women throughout New York State,” said Senator John Brooks. 

Senator Brooks is currently a cosponsor on a number of bills aimed at protecting women’s rights, including legislation (S 270) aimed at closing the gender wage gap by requiring state contractors to publicly report data on employee compensation based on gender, race, and ethnicity.

“We still have a long way to go in terms of achieving gender equality,” said Senator Brooks. “This legislation is a significant step towards achieving equal pay for women in New York State.”

Senator Brooks is also cosponsoring the Reproductive Health Act (S 2796)  which would secure and protect access to comprehensive family planning services in New York State, as well as the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S 3668), which would require health insurance policies to provide cost-free coverage for all FDA-approved methods of birth control and expand coverage to include male contraception.