Bonacic: Monserrate Should Be Expelled From Senate

John J. Bonacic

January 14, 2010



State Senator John Bonacic, today called for the Senate to vote to expel State Senator Hiram Monserrate from the State Senate.  Senator Bonacic said: 

"Senator Monserrate’s conduct the night he attacked his girlfriend was reprehensible. Whatever other good he may have done in his career as a Marine, Police Officer, and member of the City Council and State Legislature cannot overcome that conduct. Mr. Monserrate has had his due process now the consequences of his actions must come." it is a crime.  There must be zero tolerance for it. If a Member of the Legislature is convicted of a crime, his or her conduct should be reviewed and consequences should result. In this case, it is clear that the consequence should be expulsion from the Senate."

"As a former prosecutor, but more importantly as a husband and father, I know that domestic violence is not a private problem.  It is a crime.  It has to be treated that way.  There has to be zero tolerance for it."