Bonacic to Mta: Put Cameras in Parking Lots

John J. Bonacic

May 20, 2009

           State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C – Mt. Hope), has asked the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to install cameras in the parking lots of MTA train stations in Orange County.       

            “Today it’s slashing tires, tomorrow could be something worse.  The least they could do – especially since they are charging for parking, is to use better crime prevention techniques,” Bonacic said.

             Several years ago the MTA started charging for parking.  That move prompted Bonacic to introduce legislation requiring public hearings in Orange County whenever the MTA was contemplating new or increased fees.  The legislation passed the then Republican-controlled Senate.  This year, the MTA held their first ever public hearing in Orange County on their recently enacted bailout plan “although I know they did not like or listen to what they heard,” Bonacic said.

             Last week, Democratic Governor David Paterson and his fellow New York City Democrats rammed through legislation still hot off the presses which raised millions of dollars in new taxes and fees on Hudson Valley residents.  “We have no subway, we have minimal train service, we pay to park, could we at least have some security,” Bonacic said.

             Senator Bonacic has worked with the police Departments in Middletown and the Village of Liberty to put cameras in their downtowns.  “The police in those areas tell me the cameras help stop criminal activity and in some cases identify the perpetrators when it does occur, and they do it in those municipalities all without a payroll tax.  The MTA has the money, let them make some improvements and add more trains while they are at it.”

             Bonacic, along with three other State Senators – Bill Larkin, Tom Morahan, and Vincent Leibell, are expected to unveil the names of task force members they are putting together to recommend a package of MTA transit improvements in the next ten days.