Bonacic: Nearly $5 Million in Increased Local Road/bridge Aid Heading to Region

Local governments across the State will see an increase averaging 20% in funding under the State’s Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement (CHIPS) program.   The total increase in the CHIPS program for the four counties of Senator Bonacic’s District (Delaware, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster), totals just under $5 million. 

The Statewide increase in CHIPS aid is $75 million for the new State fiscal year, which starts on April 1.  Countywide CHIPS totals are:

Delaware County: $6,036,776.59, an increase of 23.39% over 2012/13 CHIPS funding;

Orange County: $7,597,710.83, an increase of 21% over 2012/13 CHIPS funding;

Sullivan County: $6,168,663.82, an increase of 23.97% over 2012/13 CHIPS funding;

Ulster County: $6,923,769.07, an increase of 22.99% over 2012/13 CHIPS funding.

“This funding will help improve miles of roads and repair critical bridges.  I know our local highway crews know how to stretch a dollar and I am pleased the Legislature was able to prioritize local roads and bridges,” Senator Bonacic said.

A complete list of CHIPS funding is attached.