Hudson Valley Senators Push Mta Head on Payroll Tax; Bonacic Urges Action on Budget Reductions

John J. Bonacic

November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009:  Senator Bonacic, along with State Senators Jeff Klein, Tom Morahan, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Vincent Leibell, Suzi Oppenheimer, Stephen Saland, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins met on Thursday with Jay Walder, Chairman of the MTA.

 “We let the Chairman know that the service the MTA offers those of us who live on the West side of the Hudson River is miserable.  You can just about get into Times Square on horseback faster than on an MTA train from Port Jervis,” Senator Bonacic said.

 The Senators pressed Mr. Walder on the need to both enhance service and end the MTA payroll tax.   Last week, Republican Senators offered an alternative to the MTA tax – service reductions on the Connecticut lines unless riders from Connecticut pay their fair share to operate the MTA. 

“I voted against the payroll tax.  Every Republican voted against the payroll tax.  Thruway users pay to operate the Thruway and those who use New York City’s subway and the MTA should pay to operate it.  We cannot have two sets of transit rules – one for people who need cars to go to work and one for people who use trains,” Bonacic said.  

Republican Senators also urged the State’s Democratic leaders to force votes on budget reduction programs.  Bonacic released a chart comparing Governor David Paterson’s plan with the plan proposed by Senate Republicans to close the budget deficit.  “I applaud Governor Paterson for understanding there is a deficit and proposing a solution to close the deficit.  Senate Republicans have also proposed a solution.  It appears the Senate and Assembly Democrats, however, are studying at the Bernie Madoff school of financing – building a giant ponzi scheme in an effort to forever put off the day of reckoning,” Bonacic said.