New Tsa Rules Allowing Knives on Airplanes Are Absurd, Illogical, & Completely Lacking Commonsense

John J. Bonacic

March 11, 2013

The new Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) rules allowing small knives, which are potential weapons that could jeopardize safety, to be carried onto airplanes are absurd, illogical, and completely lacking commonsense. The TSA needs to immediately reconsider its actions. 

Presently, to ensure the safety of passengers, the TSA prohibits them from bringing liquids, shampoos, and gel over a certain size in their carry-on baggage, makes them remove their shoes before going through security, and requires them to submit to body scans.  It defies logic to take all these steps but allow knives to be brought on-board. 

A knife, regardless of whether the blade is under or over 2.36 inches, is a potential weapon that can be used to kill, injure, or threaten.  Placed in the hands of a criminal or terrorist in a crowded airplane, it becomes a very real safety threat to both passengers and the flight crew.  

The TSA should immediately reconsider its new rules based on the potential safety risk they pose to passengers and flight crews.  The New York State Senate’s Transportation Committee will also be scheduling a public hearing to explore what actions can be taken at the state level to better protect airline passengers.