Second Phase of Senior Housing Approved for Ellenville

John J. Bonacic

June 30, 2009

             State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C – Mt. Hope), today announced a forty-two unit expansion of the senior housing development located next  to the Ellenville Hospital.  Construction on the multi-million dollar expansion is expected to start in September  The housing will be built by Warwick Properties, Inc., run by Jonah Mandelbaum.                          

To accomplish the expansion, Warwick Properties will purchase land from the Ellenville Hospital.  Residents of the housing often use the medical care provided by the doctors associated with the hospital, and when hospital services are needed, they also, of course have access to the hospital. 

“This is a win/win for the Ellenville community.  It provides more funding for the Ellenville Hospital and high quality, affordable housing for area seniors,” Senator Bonacic said.

             The expansion is possible because of an award of tax credits made today by the New York State Division of Housing.  Last year, a 57 unit development next to the hospital opened.  That development is fully occupied and there is already a waiting list of 100 people for any vacancies or newly built apartments. 

             Senator Bonacic has been actively involved in helping the Ellenville Hospital over the years.  “We need to keep community hospitals like Ellenville open and strong.  Ellenville Hospital’s new emergency room, modern technology, and most importantly their great staff have turned this hospital around and made it a success story in terms of healthcare and community service,” Bonacic said.