Senate Bonacic Announces That “Joanne’s Law” Is Passed in the New York State Senate

John J. Bonacic

March 19, 2014


Bill S.2042 to require employers or workplaces to be notified if a former employee with a criminal record in that workplace is released from prison, or violates probation

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I- Mt. Hope) is pleased to announce that the New York Senate passed his legislation, Senate Bill 2042, which would increase safety in the workplace.  This bill enacts “Joanne’s Law” which was created in response to a terrible tragedy from 2005 where an employee of a company who had been fired and later sentenced to 10 years probation returned to the office of his former employer and shot three managers.  One of the victims was Joanne O’Brien of Greenwood Lake, who later died of her injuries, and for whom the law is named.   

This legislation will require that employers or workplaces be notified when former employees or visitors whom were convicted of crimes that were committed in those workplaces are released from incarceration or violate their probation or parole.  “This law will hopefully prevent a repeat of this tragedy.  If the employer had been notified, it would have enabled him to take the proper measures or precautions to protect himself and his employees,” said Senator Bonacic.

This bill now awaits action by the New York State Assembly.

“It is my hope,” said the Senator, “that this bill will prevent such a horrific event in the workplace from happening in the future.”