Senate Passes Legislation to Allow Thompson to Help Homeowners in Sullivan County

John J. Bonacic

June 17, 2011

The State Senate today passed legislation sponsored by Senator John Bonacic which authorizes the Town of Thompson to establish the Treasure Lake/Davies Dam Improvement District (S.5687) and the Lake Louise Marie Dam Improvement District (S.5688).  

Under DEC regulations, the dams for the lakes need to be upgraded.  The lakes – Treasure lake, Davies Lake, and Lake Louise Marie are used for recreation and/or water supply purposes.  Under existing law, the approximately 800 homeowners in the Emerald Green and Lake Louise Marie communities would have had to front an estimated $4 million – or  $5,000 each to make needed improvements to the dam. 

To address that concern, Sullivan County Legislator Alan Sorensen stepped in and proposed that the Town of Thompson seek to have a special law passed to allow for the creation of dam improvement districts, thereby allowing the $4 million cost to be spread out over 30 years, with a much more manageable estimated cost of $200 per home per year, according to Sorensen’s calculations. 

“Alan Sorensen presented an intelligent solution for his constituents, who would have otherwise been stuck with a very high cost repair this year.  I applaud him, as well as Town of Thompson Supervisor Tony Cellini and the Thompson Town Board for developing a mechanism to better ensure the safety of the dams.”  Senator Bonacic said.   

After passage in the Senate, the legislation was sent to the Assembly.  Senator Bonacic encouraged the Assembly to act promptly on the legislation and believed they will do so shortly.