Senator Bonacic Addresses Rally Opposing Governor Cuomo’s Proposal to Close Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center

John J. Bonacic

March 18, 2014

Standing at the podium with a crowd of supporters, Senator Bonacic sent a strong message to Governor Cuomo that closing nine correctional facilities in order to save $30 million dollars on the backs of professional men and women who work at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center was wrong.    

“The negative chain effect of losing 553 jobs would cause businesses in the area to suffer, businesses who depend on these workers spending their money,” said the Senator, and added, “families would be disrupted by workers having to travel long distances to jobs, or having to sell their house quickly in a soft real estate market.”  

The Senator joined other Republican partners in standing firm in opposition to the Governor’s plan, being considered to balance the 2014-2015 budget. Senator Bonacic expressed his appreciation to the many professional men and women, who came to Albany for this rally, for keeping people safe and secure in these institutions.