Senator Bonacic Announces Passage of Senate Bill S.6202 Requiring Sex Offenders to Register Multiple Residences

John J. Bonacic

June 11, 2014

Senator Bonacic announces the Senate passage of legislation he sponsored (S.6202), which requires sex offenders to report secondary residences or domiciles to any police department within ten days.  At present, there is a section on the sex offender registration form to list a second residence, but completing this section is not required by law.

In addition, this legislation clarifies the definition of “residence” or “domicile,” to mean “any place where an offender intends to reside on either a full time or part time basis.”

“This is a crucial piece of legislation because many times  offenders spend significant amounts of time at residences other than their registered primary domicile or residence,” said Senator Bonacic.  “That means the local police and the residents, families, and school officials are not informed of an offender in their community. This puts our children, unnecessarily, at risk.  This bill will fix that loophole.  I would like to thank Town of Wallkill Supervisor, Dan Depew for his advocacy to see this issue be addressed.” 

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a vote.