Senator Bonacic Releases Statement on Governor Cuomo's Budget Proposal

John J. Bonacic

February 01, 2011

“The classic budget rhetoric wars of the past will fail this year – and I suggest the special interests tone down their rhetoric and stand as partners in finding solutions, rather than take out advertisements, which merely fight for the status quo.” 

“This year, taxpayers have said enough! Taxpayers have said:

-           Enough to the special interests;

-           Enough to the claims that the world will end if the nation’s biggest Medicaid system is even slightly scaled back;

-           Enough to the demands from union bosses that salaries must rise each year for some government employees, while the private sector engages in pay cuts and massive layoffs.  The vast majority of the public sector work force understands that is not realistic, even if their union bosses yell and scream that they are absolutely entitled to one thing or another.” 

“The Governor has the people on his side, and he will, I believe, have the Senate on his side – as we showed yesterday by passing his tax cap plan.  The budget plan is exactly what Governor Cuomo said it would be – one that makes difficult choices.    I don’t like them all, he doesn’t like them all, however the vast majority are necessary and will likely be enacted.  The complaints of the special interests started even before they saw what was in the budget.  The cries for higher taxes by those special interests are not welcome, and are not realistic.  The class warfare tactics must end.  We need everyone to be part of the solution.”