Senator Bonacic in Support of the “Grown in New York” Plan

John J. Bonacic

March 06, 2013

This week I joined with the New York Farm Bureau to announce the Senate Republican plan for agriculture, known as “Grown in New York.”  

The proposal helps farmers expand their markets, boost productivity, and increase profitability.  The proposed legislation I introduced:

·        Strengthens family farms by phasing out corporate taxes and reducing income taxes on farmers.

·        Provides property and energy tax caps to give farms economic relief.

·        Removes burdensome and duplicative regulations that create significant compliance costs for farmers.

·        Encourages state government and local municipalities to buy local farm goods.

·        Creates a Farms Savings Account for young people to purchase farms and to help farmers cover unexpected expenses and losses related to farming.

I recognize the obstacles and red tape that burden farmers’ chances for success.  I am committed to investing in the future of farming and to help keep farms in families by reducing economic and regulatory stress on New York farmers.