Statement From Senator John Bonacic

On Tax Agreement; MTA Tax Reform; Casino Gaming; and Flood Mitigation Funds

 “What I said in March remains true today:  now was not the time to give substantial tax reductions to the wealthiest New Yorkers, while the middle class, and those falling out of the middle class, struggle.  I appreciate the fact that others now realize this as well.”   

“Earlier this year, the Senate passed a repeal of the MTA tax for Hudson Valley and Long Island, but the Assembly refused to act.   Now, we are seeing some relief from the MTA tax.  I hope the Assembly will sometime soon join with those of us in the Senate in securing a complete repeal of the MTA tax for the Hudson Valley.”   

“Regarding casino gaming, with the now promised support of the Governor and commitment from the Senate and Assembly, we are in the best position ever, to fulfill this type of  long-sought resort development in the Catskills Region.” 

“Likewise, the funds to help with flood mitigation are tremendously important to families in our region.   Even as Congress and President Obama are mired in partisan bickering, State government is functioning again – as taxpayers deserve.  We at the State level are reaching bi-partisan agreements to create a fairer tax code and meet critical needs.  I hope the Governor and Legislature can sustain this bi-partisan cooperation in the coming year,” Senator Bonacic said.