Statement by Senator John Bonacic

John J. Bonacic

January 04, 2012

On Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address


“While Washington bickers about nearly everything, New York’s Legislators and Governor Cuomo are working together to get things done.  The Governor has laid out a solid vision for the 2012 session and I look forward to working with him to implement it.”  

“That starts with an on-time – or even early budget, which helps create jobs.   As part of the budget, we should be passing real, substantive mandate relief.   The Senate has already passed legislation to ban new unfunded mandates.  Now, we need the Assembly to not only join us in that ban, but go back and start repealing those mandates that exist.” 

“I am also pleased the Governor is highlighting his support for casino gaming.  Casino gaming can play a role in re-building New York’s traditional resort communities – including the Catskills region.  It can mean hundreds of millions of dollars in construction and permanent jobs that can play a pivotal role in re-developing our region.” 

“I am also very pleased the Governor is talking about addressing flood control.  Not too long ago, I felt like the only person who works in the Legislature who understood there was a growing flooding problem in our State.   Now, the Governor has called for an even greater focus on disaster prevention as part of this year’s State of the State address.  Disaster prevention and  management should be a priority of the State, and I am pleased to see the Governor making it such.”  

“We need to grow the economy and give people confidence in their State government.  We made a good start at it last year and must continue that progress to give New Yorkers a government we can all be proud of.”