Statement by Senator John Bonacic Regarding the Vote to Expel Hiram Monserrate from the State Senate

John J. Bonacic

February 09, 2010

“We are responsible for each action we take.  Former Senator Monserrate
served as a Marine, police officer, and was one of the Senators who led the
effort to help reform the Senate’s rules last year.  We honor our veterans.
We support our police officers.  We want reformers to succeed.  The good
actions he performed in those roles however, still do not authorize
criminal conduct.   Here, Mr.  Monserrate was convicted of a crime
associated with an assault on his girlfriend.   There must be zero
tolerance for domestic violence.   Former Senator Monserrate’s conviction,
along with his complete failure to recognize wrongdoing, disqualifies him
from holding the office he was elected to.  Removing someone from an office
they were elected to by the voters is a harsh consequence.  In this case,
it is appropriate.”