STATEMENT BY SENATOR JOHN BONACIC On Reservoir Levels and Flooding

John J. Bonacic

March 10, 2011

 March 10, 2011 “The dangers faced by the people of the Catskills in relation to flooding these past few and next several days are avoidable to a degree.  The Senate has previously passed my legislation to require New York City to reduce reservoir levels whenever major inflows of rain or snow were anticipated.  Shortly thereafter, New York City started to take some flood mitigation measures.”

“Unfortunately, the City has not acted fast enough. While it is true that nothing can stop ‘Mother Nature;’ government at all levels has the responsibility to diminish, not exacerbate flooding – particularly when the government constructs the entity which exacerbates the flooding.  For that reason, I renew my call for New York City to create permanent voids in their reservoirs.  I also am asking Governor Cuomo to request the State Emergency Management Office render all possible assistance to those localities who will be impacted, and urge DEC Commissioner Martens to ensure that the DEC issues all necessary permits immediately to alleviate flooding.”