Statement by Senator John Bonacic on Verdict in Trial of Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno

John J. Bonacic

December 07, 2009

December 7, 2009:  “I feel neither vindication nor satisfaction with today’s verdict.   I said in 2006, and believe today, that Senator Bruno was not qualified to lead our Senate Republican conference given that he was the subject of an FBI investigation.  Today’s conviction affirms that position as a matter of law.  It is a clarion call for stronger, non-partisan ethics laws and enforcement.” 

 “Senator Bruno’s case will undoubtedly be considered by higher courts.  Regardless of any outcome, public officials owe it to their constituents to act under a higher standard.   Merely avoiding indictment is not an acceptable standard for holding public office.   With this conviction, more people who hold public office, should finally understand that.” 

 “I also want to express my congratulations to U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Coombe in prosecuting this case.  Ms. Coombe is originally from my district, and the daughter of my friend, former Assemblyman Dick Coombe.  Her hard work has shown that nobody is above the law.”