Information from NYSOPRHP Regarding Implosion of NRSP Smoke Stack and Travel Restrictions on Wednesday, March 27th.

John J. Flanagan

March 26, 2013

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has announced that due to the smoke stack implosion at Nissequogue River State Park, several travel restrictions will be in effect surrounding Nissequogue River State Park.  Road closures will be enforced at the following locations:

•Old Dock Road from St. Johnland road to Flynn Road
•Sections of Kings Park Boulevard
•Hike & Bike Trail from Flynn Road to the Tiffany Field Soccer Field

The Roads will be closed beginning at 10:00 am.  The smoke stack is scheduled to be imploded at 2:00 pm and roads will reopen at approximately 4:00 pm.

A safety zone will be set up within a 1,000 foot radius from the base of the stack and this area will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

A public viewing area will be set up at the Old Firehouse and will also include the grass panels next to and in front of the Old Firehouse.

The New York State Park Police and State Park staff will patrol and monitor the grounds and buildings.

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Additional information supplied by NYSOPRHP

Click here to view a PDF of this information on the NYSOPRHP web site

Nissequogue River State Park Staffing Plan for Smoke Stack Implosion on March 27th

Schedule of events:
10:00 am - Road closures take effect
12:00 pm - 1000 Foot safety perimeter effective
1:50 pm - 10 minute warning siren
1:55 pm - 5 minute warning siren
1:59 pm - 1 minute warning siren followed by 10 second countdown
2:00 pm - Smoke Stack Implosion

Road Closures:
1. Boulevard in front of Building 93 (Park Staff)
2. Kings Park Blvd. at OMH Building 1 East Bound (Park Staff)
3. Kings Park Blvd. at OMH Building 1 West Bound (Park Staff)
4. Flynn Rd. at Hike & Bike Trail (Park Staff)
5. Soccer Field Exit and Hike & Bike Trail (Park Staff)
6. Old Dock Rd. at Flynn Rd. (POLICE)
7. Industrial Road behind Building 15 (Park Staff)
8. Old Dock Rd. at bottom of Flying Field (Park Staff)
9. Old Dock Rd. at St. Johnland Rd. (POLICE)

Parking Locations:
1. Parking Lot at Vacant OHM Building (80 Spaces)
2. Blvd. in front of Building 93 (PRESS PARKING ONLY)
3. Blvd. in front of Building 90 (60 spaces)
4. Shoulder parking along Blvd. in both directions

The Kings Park Fire Department will be on scene with fire and ambulance equipment and personnel.  This is in coordination with Philip Carroll, Fire Marshall for Smithtown who will also be on scene.

Public Viewing Areas:
 Will be set up at the Old Firehouse and will also include the grass panels next to and in front of the Old Firehouse.

Press Area:
 The press area will be on the ramp in front of the Firehouse.

We do anticipate public vehicles coming to the park early in hopes of getting a good view of the Implosion.  All patron vehicles will be directed to park either at the Vacant OMH Building, in front of Building 93, or in front of Building 90.  Parking areas will have staffing to direct patrons to safe locations.  As parking areas begin to fill we will have staff begin parking cars along the shoulders of the boulevard in both directions.

The 1000 foot safety zone is to be marked out with Caution Tape by the Demolition Company.  This zone is not to be entered by anyone other than Police, Demolition, and Explosives personnel.

The 500 foot safety zone is to be entered only by the explosives company.

Health and Safety Measures:

Construction activities associated with the implosion/demolition of the Power Plant Smoke Stack shall be performed by qualified contractors, who are appropriately trained and supervised, and carried out in accordance with applicable regulations. Safety measures shall be implemented throughout the performance of the work in conformance with the Contractor’s Health and Safety Plan (HASP) to safeguard the health and safety of the contractor’s workers.

Additionally, continued efforts in support of the on-going Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP) for the overall project shall also be provided throughout the performance of the work. As part of the CAMP, air monitoring stations will be established upwind and downwind of the construction area for the purpose of monitoring air quality resulting from demolition activities.