Northport Middle School Information

We support the Northport-East Northport School District’s decision to close the Northport Middle School to ensure the safety of its students, teachers and school employees. While the district continues to work with environmental experts to investigate and remediate any potential contamination, it is imperative that parents have access to as much information as possible in order to protect their children.

To help ensure that transparency, our office recently sent a letter to the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, the lead agency in the Northport Middle School environmental matter, asking for complete transparency as they gather information and work with the School District on a remediation plan.

SCDHS Commissioner James Tomarken quickly provided a response to our letter and we thank him for his diligence in this matter.  In the letter, he assured my office that the County would provide us with regular updates regarding the situation, which we will then share with the public since transparency will allow those most affected to know the facts.

To help ensure that the community has access to the information they deserve, the SCDHS has appointed a contact person who will be available to speak directly to our residents as this matter progresses:

Amy Juchatz, MPH

Environmental Toxicologist

Suffolk County Department of Health Services


Should anyone in the community have any questions or concerns about the environmental issues at Northport Middle School, we encourage them to contact SCDHS at the number or email provided.

We thank Commissioner Tomarken for his assistance and his willingness to work with our residents.