Open Letter to Constituents of the Second Senate District

John J. Flanagan

November 09, 2010

Dear Friend:

I would like to thank the residents of the 2nd Senate District for providing me with the opportunity to continue serving as their New York State Senator.  The ability to represent our community in the Senate over the past eight years has been a privilege and I look forward to working on everyone’s behalf over the next two.

We all know our state faces many challenges but they can be overcome if we continue to listen and work together.  As I have stated repeatedly, our state needs to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax, cap spending at the state and local level and restore the STAR Property Tax rebate to protect our region’s long-term health.  It is time to implement real changes on how our state operates and we need to start immediately.

Walking throughout our communities over the past several months has provided me with a great opportunity to discuss the issues that are important to our residents and I thank everyone who took the time to provide me with their opinions and thoughts.

As we start to prepare for the upcoming year, I hope that anyone I did not speak with directly will feel free to contact my office at their convenience to provide their input.  Our community and our state will only grow stronger if we work together and I invite our residents to call my office at 631-361-2154 or send me an e-mail at at their convenience. 

I again say thank you to the community for trusting me and for allowing me to continue to represent them in the New York State Senate.

                                                                                                         John J. Flanagan