Senator Flanagan and Education Commissioner King Discuss Education With Kings Park Students

John J. Flanagan

September 26, 2012

Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) recently joined with New York State Education Department Commissioner John King for a tour of Kings Park High School.  During the visit, the two along with Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick, Regent Roger Tilles and a variety of school officials joined with students for a roundtable discussion of education.

The visit was arranged with the cooperation of Dr. Susan Agruso, the Superintendent of the Kings Park Central School District, and the staff at the high school.

During the meeting with the students, Senator Flanagan, Commissioner King and the other leaders heard from the students about their experiences at the school and their thoughts about participating in various school programs.  They also discussed the students’ school activities to see what the children were involved in and discussed the books they have been reading.

After the discussion, Senator Flanagan, Commissioner King and the others were taken to observe two classes that were in progress and to visit with the students and teachers.

“We are honored that Commissioner King, Senator Flanagan, Assemblyman Fitzpatrick and  Regent Tilles took time to visit Kings Park High School.  Our students were given an amazing opportunity to share their school experiences and to learn from educational leaders in our state.  This visit enabled staff to interact with those leading the reform effort in New York and to reflect on our practices as we strive to enable every student to excel,” said Dr. Agruso.

"Kings Park is a leader in reform.  The district's whole focus is on improving teaching and learning.  From the superintendent on down, the adults are committed to helping every student graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in college and careers.  Kings Park isn't standing still; the district is constantly moving forward to implement the Board of Regents' reforms.  I was impressed by the depth and detail of the students' understanding.  Kings Park gets it,” said Commissioner King.

“This is a great way for all of us to get a real feel for the impact that state policies have on our students.  They should be our number one priority in every decision that is made regarding education and the openness and honesty of the students we met is greatly appreciated and beneficial.  I thank Dr. Agruso and the entire Kings Park High School community for their hospitality,” stated Senator Flanagan.