Senator Flanagan Joins WITH Nysdot to Announce Changes to Route 25

John J. Flanagan

January 27, 2010

Following requests from a number of elected officials, led by Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District), Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (7th Assembly District) and Town of Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) today proposed a number of changes to Route 25 in downtown Smithtown to improve safety conditions on that stretch of roadway.

The changes were discussed at a meeting Senator Flanagan organized in his office last week in response to numerous concerns raised by area residents following two serious motor vehicle accidents that occurred on Main Street in Smithtown in the past few months.  On behalf of the residents, Senator Flanagan, Assemblyman Fitzpatrick and Supervisor Vecchio called upon the NYSDOT to examine the issue based on the two recent incidents.

While the NYSDOT had already been studying the entire Main Street area as part of a comprehensive improvement project, the calls of the elected officials led the department to further examine the area where the accidents occurred.  Due to that additional investigation, the department agreed to take additional steps aimed at addressing concerns associated with the intersection of Lawrence Avenue and Main Street.

“The safety of all the residents of Smithtown and beyond who utilize this stretch of road is of critical importance to everyone involved and, in light of recent events, a comprehensive examination of all the contributing factors is warranted.  This meeting was very helpful and the NYSDOT, led by Regional Director Subi Chakraborti, was extremely attentive to the community’s concerns and I thank them for being so responsive,” stated Senator Flanagan. 

The improvements are aimed at both protecting those who utilize this busy stretch of roadway while also enhancing traffic flow through the area.  According to the NYSDOT, the improvements are scheduled to include:
- Installation of pedestrian fencing on south side of Main Street between Lawrence Avenue and Landing Avenue.
- Elimination of right turn on red for Northbound Lawrence Avenue and Eastbound Main Street traffic to reduce conflicts between right turning traffic and pedestrians.
- Review of signal timing to reduce the cycle length to reduce the time that pedestrians have to wait to cross Main Street.
- Installation of signage to alert pedestrians to appropriate crossing locations. 

These changes will be augmented with additional measures that the NYSDOT will announce in the coming month.  These changes, which are part of a broader safety package, are also aimed at improving safety even further and make the roadway easier to navigate for both drivers and pedestrians.

Supervisor Vecchio said, “This meeting was extremely helpful and I am pleased with the response of the NYSDOT.  The initiatives they are proposing will be beneficial for the residents of the town and all who visit our area.”

“The changes that the NYSDOT is planning to implement will improve all aspects of this stretch of roadway and that will allow everyone who travels to this area to feel safer when they visit and shop here.  I thank everyone who contacted my office for their concerns and for their efforts to enhance the safety of our community,” added Senator Flanagan.  “But in conjunction with any changes that may be implemented in the area after their examination of the issue, it is imperative that people use caution and common sense when traveling through the area.”