Senator Flanagan: New Resource for Small Business Men and Women Very Helpful

John J. Flanagan

September 25, 2009

As New York continues to recover from the current economic downturn, everyone agrees that our economic success depends on the success of our small businesses.  To assist the many men and women across our area who build these job-creating enterprises, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of a new resource that will assist them in their efforts.

The New York State Directory of Small Business Programs, which was recently introduced by Governor David Paterson, is a comprehensive and interactive guide that provides invaluable information and resources.  It works as a clickable file with descriptions of 143 state programs from 28 agencies aimed at helping New Yorkers start and grow their businesses and is organized into a variety of useful categories.

The directory also highlights State programs that assist in workforce recruitment and training and gives a detailed description of how prospective business owners can comply with New York State permit and licensing requirements.

Please click here to access this useful business tool or visit for more information about state programs for small business owners.

To allow for easy access for employees, members or customers, the directory can be saved to a computer or organization website or it can be printed and used as a booklet which can be shared.

As someone who voted against this year’s state budget due to the anti-business tax and fee increases that were eventually enacted by the Governor and the Legislature, it is my hope that this new tool is the first step in making our state more business friendly.  Their success is our success and it is time for our state to offer them the incentives they need instead of the taxes they cannot afford.




                                                                                                John Flanagan