Senator Flanagan Offers Summer Safety Tips

John J. Flanagan

July 09, 2019

To help protect families in our community, Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) is reminding everyone of the need for greater awareness and safety as the hot summer days come to our area.  To assist parents in this effort, Senator Flanagan recently posted a new section on his web site called Senator Flanagan's Summer Safety Tips.

The section provides useful information to help keep our community safer during the summer months.

As fun as the summer can be, everyone in our community must exercise proper caution in order to help prevent tragedies.  Senator Flanagan’s Summer Safety Tips section provides useful safety information for everyone in the family including tips on pool and ocean safety, extreme heat precautions, boating safety and more.

Please click here to visit the Summer Safety Tips section.

“Long Island is one of the best places to be during the summer and it is our hope that everyone is able to enjoy the wonderful recreational opportunities our region presents.  We also hope that everyone takes the necessary steps to protect their families whether spending time indoors or enjoying the outdoor fun that is available.   Simply put - please be safe, be smart and be prepared,” stated Senator Flanagan.  “I hope residents find this information useful as you make plans for the summer season.”