Statement From Senate Republican Leader Flanagan

New York State Senate Democrats meant it when they vowed to take dangerous bail reform further, and continue to put criminals first and public safety last.  Today, Senate Democrats forgot who the criminals are by introducing legislation to criminalize prosecutors, law enforcement officers, or any other officials responsible for public safety as their bail reform law releases killers, pedophiles, and serial offenders on a daily basis. 

The new Democrat effort (S.7723) to create the so-called crime  “circumvention of bail reform,” continues to demonize those who dedicate their lives to protect and serve the public and to advance the pro-criminal agenda in New York State.

It is offensive and must be condemned.

This comes on the heels of the attempted assassinations of NYPD officers, and a public plea from NYPD Police Commissioner Shea to stop the anti-police rhetoric.  This is simply a continuation.

In Brooklyn, at least 40 employees have already resigned from the District Attorney’s Office because of the onerous requirements created by so-called criminal justice reforms.

Everyday New Yorkers are demanding that these laws be repealed, and the Senate Republican Conference stands with them and law enforcement, prosecutors, and crime victims -- not criminals.

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